ActiveX Client Component for Windows Live Messenger®

"Communicate (share messages and datas) between persons, computers and applications over Microsoft>® Live Network easily within your software."


ConnectionState:Actual state of connection sequences
Connected :Service Connected
LoginName :Logged user Live ID
NickName :Logged user nick name
ContactListCount :Total count of concats listed
Groups :Get group list nodes
ContactList :Get contact list nodes
NickList :Get contacts's nick names
GroupMembership :Get contact's group memberships
StateList :Get contact's states


LoggedOn:Service is loged ON
LoggedOff:Service is loged OFF
StateChanged:"ConnectionState" property is changed
ContactListChanged:"ContactList" property is changed
Ring:An user try to connect
ContactConnected:An user connected successfully
ContactDisconnected:An user disconnected
ChannelDropped:Channel droped (disconnected) by any reason
ContactTyping:Contact is now typing
NewMessageReceived:New message received and strored in Message Queue

Error Events;

TooManyConnectionRequest:Last request is exceeds max. connection (64)
MessageQueueOverflow:Too many messages is in the queue. You must fetch the messages from queue
Error:Generic WLM error occured


Register :Register the component
Initialize :Initialize the conponent
Connect :Connect to WLM service
Disconnect :Disconnect from WLM service
ChangeUserState :Change the connected user state (ONLINE, AWAY, BUSY etc.)
FetchFromReceiveQueue:Fetch the message from receive queue
CallContact :Call contact for connection
SendMessage :Send message to contact


Click the link to download
KyWLMClient.OCX and
sample vb aplication