ActiveX Client Component for Windows Live Messenger®

"Communicate (share messages and datas) between persons, computers and applications over Microsoft>® Live Network easily within your software."


For non-commercial and private use:100 USD+VAT(%18)
For commercial use and Deployment:1000 USD+VAT(%18)

How to Register;

  • Plase send an e-mail to us ( about your subject-of-project which is KyWLMClient used in.
  • We send "Pricing-info" within an e-mail after evaluate your subject.
  • After receiving payment, we send an e-mail which included "registration key".
  • Use this registration-key in KyWLMClient "Register" function to register your copy of component in your application code.


Click the link to download
KyWLMClient.OCX and
sample vb aplication